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USB Ninja

USB Ninja

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USBNinja is an information security and penetration testing tool that looks and functions just like a regular USB cable (both power and data) until a wireless remote control triggers it to deliver your choice of attack payload to the host machine. In essence, USBNinja is the next step in the evolution of BadUSB, embedding the attack in the USB cable itself.

The Attack

When plugged into a host computer, USBNinja acts just like a regular USB cable. For example, it can be used both to charge your phone and to transfer images from your phone to your computer. However, perfectly concealed within USBNinja is a very small Bluetooth device, patiently waiting. When USBNinja receives the secret command, either from a smartphone running the USBNinja app or from our custom-built Bluetooth remote control, it goes from a passive cable to a stealthy attacker by emulating a USB mouse and/or keyboard to deliver its hidden payload to the host computer.

The Payload

The payload delivered by USBNinja is completely customizable. You can use the standard Arduino IDE to create your own payload and we’ll also provide plenty of examples of payloads that inject keystrokes and move and click the mouse.

See Kevin Mitnick demostrating the USBNinja.

Comes with:

x1 USBNinja (Choice of 1 of the 3 (Micro / Type C / Lightning)
x1 Magnet Ring (Switch to Bootloader)
x1 Packaging Box
x1 Bluetooth BLE Remote Control
x1 Screws With Screw Driver
x1 Charging Cable
x1 Box with Batteries
x1 11cm Medium Antenna

USB Ninja remote control appliction.
Android app

Regarding order
Expected delivery 10-14days