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Create xyz filemant tag script

Create xyz filemant tag script

1500 SEK

Improved hardnested script

We are happy to announce the possibilty to create your own XYZ filaments tags with a custom made lua-script for proxmark3.

Basic operation for script is
  • create template for ntag13
  • create template for magic ntag 21*

With options for material,  colors,  manufacture region,  sales region,  and length your no-brand spool of filament is not a problem to use with your xyz 3d printer anymore.

Hands on: See the card in action

See it in operation in this video:

Want more?

Let us know if you have a requirement for customised lua script for us to write, let us know. Our services easily range from €1000~ onwards.

Example of custom lua script:

  1.  Mass production of certain card types (repeat runs of command)
  2. Combines command to make life easier (run an array of commands for mifare from checksum to nested/hardnested to restore of data)
  3. Run command for t55 writing for certain blocks
  4. Anything you can think of (we will try to achieve it)

All these scripts are created for  one customer per company usage.
We will insert a custom key for each script to protect ourselves.

Signed contract is required and signed by parties on protecting of this scripts.

If shared, contract will be void and damages will be sought accordingly.
Be fair to us and we will be nice too.

Deliveries as
  • lua source code
  • script functionality on firmware offical v3.0.1